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Why PIC Tennis?

~A note from your Commissioner ~
As we begin Week 5, I have received recent emails about various matters, some positive and some, well, not so much. Although these issues may not warrant a “Rules Violation” or “R&G” complaint, I think we need to encourage one another to pause, breathe and remember the spirit of PIC league tennis. As Commissioner, I appreciate and value the email communications but there’s really no action (warning, penalty, etc.) the Commissioner can take unless there is a Rules violation. At least, that’s how I read and interpret our PIC Rules and I am not suggesting that this should be changed.
However, I do think we all need to remind and encourage each other … even ourselves … about the importance of why we play and are involved with PIC tennis. I think our Mission Statement says it best:
The Mission of the Piedmont Interclub Tennis League is to create an environment, which offers friendly competition and challenging, enjoyable match play. Our philosophy is one which will foster respect, cooperation, good communication, good sportsmanship and goodwill among the players, the teams, the captains and professionals, and one which will inspire pride and integrity within our overall program.
Many of you probably helped create this statement – thank you! Someone shared with me that her Captain (or designee) reads the PIC Mission at 9:25 before players take the courts. Wonder if teams might consider trying that – it certainly can’t hurt and might help!
Finally, I think the concerns hit me close to home. Those of you who know me probably know that I love to win, can be a little hot-headed, get frustrated, and sometimes challenge calls and behave poorly. But that’s not who I am. Serving as Commissioner has taught me a lot about tennis, the league and, more importantly, about myself. I hope I’m making some positive changes on and off the tennis court. Thank you for reading this email and spreading the positive energy and words with each other and with others from PIC. I appreciate all the hard work and service that you, your team captains and players dedicate to PIC. Cheers to fall-like temperatures soon and sunny, blue skies for great, fun tennis! Despite the challenges, it really is "a wonderful world!"
Best regards,
Liz Tennent, 2017 PIC Commissioner